Digital Marketing Technology Strategist


Gregory Davis, is a Digital Marketing Technology Strategist with deep roots in the eCommerce and Software as a Service (SaaS) industries.  He has served in marketing leadership roles for global eCommerce marketplace brands, including, eBay Inc.

His approach enables Marketers to achieve their targets by leveraging best-in-class marketing technology with a pragmatic approach.  

Combining his marketing expertise and technical savvy, he is able to help clients ensure they’re driving innovation and long-term success.  He carries out his marketing strategies from an eCommerce perspective.  As a result, he's able to help you drive more leads, more sales and better monetization for your products and services. 

You don't need to be eCommerce to have an eCommerce state of mind.  Too often, businesses let their website be passive tools to tell a story, but they do not enable it to create an experience that includes a customer path, and transaction-based results.  We solve that!

The intention of working with you is not to simply plug-in the table-stakes designs and tools that everyone is using.  Our purpose is to mold the right marketing technology tools to match your strategic needs.  We believe your website is a sales engine and should be managed as such.  Therefore, we'll give you more than just what you want, we'll give you what you need to thrive!

The Azola Creative Team

Serving as Executive Creative Director, Gregory leverages a team of digital marketing gurus to fit the specific needs of your business' goals.

Our approach is to focus on the needs of your business and then pull from our wide network of marketing technology innovators to execute on the best solutions that fit your specific needs.  No cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all services.  Everything we do is customized to meet your businesses size, resources and goals.

Through our network of digital marketing technology experts, we can support your
• eCommerce Development
• Lead Generation Website Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Sales & Marketing Presentation Design
• Content Marketing and more...