Marketing Industry Buzzwords are the Worst

If there was ever a modern day story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, it has to be marketing industry buzzwords. I hate them! Their use is a fine line between elitist vulgarity and word vomit. Whenever I walk into an event or meeting and hear the latest buzz worthy marketing terms being slung around, it makes me question my career choices.

Sure, there are certain phrases and terms that are part of any industry. The E-Commerce and Digital Marketing industry have shortcut acronyms that are widely leveraged and acceptable. For example, if I had to say “Search Engine Optimization” every time I meant SEO, it would make me a bit crazy. But, “link juice” is one of those terms that make me cringe. When I hear it, it reminds me of an out of date dad trying to be the cool dad around his children’s friends.

Big Data – oh there’s one to make you want to scrape your dignity off the floor and go home in shame. I remember when data was emerging as the next big thing in marketing speak. I sat through an all day conference where I swear, if I’d played a drinking game on the use of the term “big data”, I would have gone to the hospital in a coma.

Of course, this geeky use of buzzwords isn’t exclusive to the marketing technology industry. Step into any space and you’ll be immersed in naked little emperors running around the office.

Want to avoid being the king or queen of cheesiness in your business? Adopt a very simple rule. Speak to your colleagues and consultants like they are your spouse, a relative or a friend.

I understand you have acronyms that are second nature, but come on…you know when you’re on the verge of being a buzzword douchebag. Throwing out a term you know little about but leverage it to try to make the others around you see you in your golden robes of industry expertise.

Just be you. Just talk about your passion. Leave the overcompensating words to those that are insecure about their success.

What are some of the buzzwords you hate hearing those most in your industry meetings?