E-Commerce and SaaS Marketing Case Studies

Read our client case studies to learn how experienced marketing insights and creative practices can be a game-changer in multiple levels of your business.


Case Study: Increased Bid Volume and Bid Value for a Domain Auction Platform.

The domain aftermarket is a niche, but highly competitive international marketplace where the United States and China makeup 96% of the buying.

Their organization had one-person managing all of their marketing. This marketer was capable, but challenged to meet all of the expectations of the board of directors because of the volume of output that was expected.  In addition to executing new marketing campaigns, they increasingly required more market data.

By the time Azola Creative completed our project, we had helped them prove Marketing ROI, develop A/B Testing practices, grow their Marketing Intelligence, grow engagement with Chinese buyers and increased marketing efficiency.

The following is how Azola Creative served as an interim Chief Marketing Officer to assist their marketing resource and increase sales in a down market.

Conference ROI

Case Study: Proving ROI of Conference Investments

A mid-sized SaaS client in the financial industry struggled with making a bigger impact at conferences. Our client was spending a great deal of money on conference sponsorships that were driving business, but it was difficult to assess what the ROI was for their conference spend.

The process of proving ROI for conferences is not easy to solve. Much of the spend going into conferences is broken out amongst sales and marketing teams. Travel, meals, and other ancillary costs are often not calculated.

Additionally, leads are worked both from an outbound sales process as well as some inbound events such as webinars, email campaigns or other marketing channels. In order to solve this for the Client, we had to build several ground rules for conference planning and expenses and then build a roadmap over the course of an entire year of tracking to begin to assess the profitability of each conference spend.

Using multi-touch attribution, CRM management and leveraging sales latency, we build a framework empowering them to track conference ROI long-term.