A story about Mr. Crowley

From the Shadow to the Sunlight

A short story pulled from the Azola Creative newsletter.

There I am sitting at the front office of a recording studio where several best-selling albums and artists have been recorded. There’s a keyboard player back in the studio with the door open and I hear the long opening of Ozzy Osbourne’s song, Mr. Crowley (listen here).

Up to this point I’ve heard this song played hundreds of times on cassettes, albums and CDs. After a moment, I realize it’s not a recording, it’s being played live. Furthermore, it’s not just being played live, it’s being played by the man that performed it again and again with Ozzy Osbourne. It’s the real deal.

The keyboard player’s name was C.P. Roth and he’s actually backed up several bands over the years, including Suzanna Hoffs (The Bangles) and Dennis Leary (comedian).

The reason I mention him is that he is a master of multiple instruments, a successful producer and accomplished performer. However, you may not have heard of him until now.

Being a new business owner, product owner or a marketer is a lot like being a backup musician. You may have an extensive list of successes, but they are less known and it can sometimes feel like you’re in the shadow of the success.

Moving from the shadows to the sunlight isn’t simply being louder. It means getting so good that people can’t help but to notice you and depend on you. Sheryl CrowBryan Adams, Mariah CareyWhitney HoustonJohn Legend are just a few of the many stars that once lived in the shadows of success before they took center stage.

If you feel like you’re in the shadow, be patient. The more you build up others, the more valuable you’ll become. Your sunlight opportunity is coming.

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