Fractional CMO Services
to manage GTM Strategies

Why should you use outsourced product marketing?

Outsourcing your product marketing leadership team can help you achieve several goals.
• You can identify and nurture potential customers faster.
• You can develop effective marketing campaigns without it being a distraction.
• You can create a comprehensive sales enablement plans that elevate your team's success.
• You can build out a product marketing team to support your GTM strategies.

You likely have a very strong marketing team. However, their attention may already be maximized on growing your brand and supporting your current corporate needs.

An outsourced CMO provides expert product marketing leadership guidance. This guidance can help you make sure your products reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

Azola Creative's fractional cmo services, cross-functional product launch success

Manage a Product Launch Task Force Team

Together, we'll create a more efficient, cross-functional product launch team within your organization. We'll be able to perform more nimbly within your business. We can ensure silos are eliminated.

Each role necessary for product sales success should have a clear owner. By doing this, we can help ensure success.

We will monitor your product management progress. This will help us reduce delays and pivot around any obstacles that might prevent a successful b2b product marketing strategy.

outsourced cmo services by azola creative manage product launch objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)
fractional cmo product positioning and value proposition

Establish your product positioning and ideal customer journey

We offer help with product positioning. This ensures your product is marketed to the right audience. We also help you understand the value your product brings to that audience. Finally, we create an engaging value proposition to tell your product story.

Setup Sales Teams to Thrive

Working cross-functionally, we'll help train your sales teams on product knowledge and product positioning. We can help you accelerate your business development initiatives. We have the documentation and expertise you need. This is key to the success of your product sales.

Outsourced cmo services by Azola Creative help enable better product sales success.
As a fractional cmo, Azola Creative manages your multichannel digital marketing team

Provide Leadership, Managing the Best Channel Marketing Partners

Azola Creative can provide assistance. We'll help you recruit the best employees, contact agency vendors, and locate professional resources. These efforts will lead to successful multichannel demand generation and increased sales for your products.

Build Strong Partner Sales Channels

We'll help you build and nurture partnered sales channels, enabling you to drive faster growth through referrals for your products and services.

leverage your outsourced cmo to build strong partner sales channels