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"Working with Greg Davis at Azola Creative has been an integral part of our success for the past 3 years. Greg brings additional value beyond being flexible and impeccably reliable. His expertise, creativity, and insights continuously upgrade our final product. Collaborating with a professional at Greg's level elevates our business!"

          - Tess Diaz, Enterprise Domain Management, Strategy, Sales & Brokerage: GoDaddy Corporate Domains

"Greg at Azola Creative is a brilliant leader, teacher,  communicator, cheerleader, friend, and confidant. Greg was always available when I needed him most. Greg is someone I have been blessed to know and work with in the past, present and future!”

 - "Patient Lee" Tomlinson, Founder & Chief Inspirer,
The Compassion Heals Movement

"Greg at Azola Creative is someone I can count on to deliver for our team.  He is a tireless worker and someone who works well with all departments in our company.  He is very creative and has added tremendous value to our organization."

 - Rick Prall, SVP of Development, Horizon Health

"Greg’s perpetual willingness to help others and his passion for assisting business growth for his clients is special.  His vision for knowing how to drive new business is exciting to experience."

 - Jonathan Tenenbaum, COO and General Council
DomainX, LLC

"I had the privilege of working with Greg at Azola Creative for over 3 years.  During this time, Greg acted as our Fractional CMO and helped us develop a strategic plan that to support our company’s longterm growth.  Greg and his company are an asset for any business."

 - Mike Griggs, CEO, IvyTek

"One of the things I admire about Greg is his natural ability to be a leader.  Without being pushy, he is the kind of person who recognizes a lack of leadership in a situation and steps in to make things work.  He has a great sense of humor and a healthy outlook on life."

 - Paul May, Owner, Grand Technology Solutions

"From my experience, Greg goes above and beyond to deliver results for his clients.  He takes time to learn the business and industry, so much so, you would think he was a long-term employee of his clients.  With his leadership skills and style, it is a pleasure to work with Greg Davis and Azola Creative."

 - Cory Thomas, COO, Precise Behavioral, Rose Health