Sales & Marketing Alignment Framework for Fragmented Teams

Most organizations are heavy on sales professionals and lighter on marketing team members. If your business is light on marketing resources, several conflicts can begin to stir. For one, the marketing team may be measured on all of the wrong attributes.

Sales often demand a decisive response from customers. They are direct and the answer is usually a simple yes or no.

On the other hand, marketing can be more elusive. Behavioral science helps us learn what customers want. We can identify the product positioning that best meets their needs.

Azola Creative Sales and Marketing Alignment Framework

This allows us to create value propositions that work for them. There can be several layers of sales attribution from the marketing team, due to multi-channel marketing efforts.

This framework helps sales leaders collaborate with marketing teams. This enables them to identify marketing goals that support their sales pipeline development. This will enable your business to create marketing operations with autonomy. They will agree on what will bring the best sales results in the long run.

This roundtable approach to marketing and sales collaboration will increase communication, employee engagement and obviously, sales pipeline depth.

Building an Effective Marketing Team

There are several different marketing channels you could be using to grow your business. It is common for marketing teams to be small, with only a few members. However, expecting them to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire marketing field is not reasonable or effective.

It's possible, your marketing team doesn't need to worry about all marketing channels. You won't know for sure unless you do a great job at clarifying the marketing department structure your company needs most.

That's what our framework does for you. It helps you answer what marketing resources you really need, and what's simply not-needed to meet your sales goals.

azola creative marketing department structure
Aligning fragmented marketing teams with Azola Creative's Sales and Marketing Alignment Framework

Aligning Fragmented Marketing Teams

Many businesses leverage marketing agencies to support their marketing gaps. This is a cost-efficient approach to creating a multi-channel marketing plan. However, it is not always successful in bringing the marketing goals and sales goals into harmony.

By nature, marketing agencies are specialists in various services. Perhaps they're an SEO agency, or a social media agency, a website development agency or public relations firm.

Often, they are fragmented as a marketing team within the levels of service you're engaging with them. They don't have visibility into some of the deep, proprietary strategic needs of your company. They may be competing with other agency's you've contracted for services. This is another level of peace of mind Azola Creative's framework creates for your business.

Using our methodology, you can bring your fragmented marketing resources together as one team. Employees and agency vendors can work together to achieve your business goals. You can provide them clarity and direction to ensure they are all on the same page.

This approach will help drive growth for your business. It let's everyone know the lane they should be in and greatly improves employee engagement with a sales-driven attitude.