How to Become a CMO

Want to become a Chief Marketing Officer? Our program will give you real-world marketing experience from a marketing leader who has worked with SMB to enterprise-level brands.  This program equips you with the knowledge needed to lead your organization strategically.

We will teach you how to identify and promote initiatives while ensuring your marketing efforts are successful. Our program is designed to help your professional development. It encourages both analytical and creative approaches to marketing. All while achieving and better communicating the success of your marketing team.

The Left Brain | Right Brain CMO by Azola Creative

The Left Brain | Right Brain CMO program helps you elevate and master your leadership by adopting a mindset that can help you become a CMO. It teaches you to use the analytical and business skills of your marketing team while allowing you to maintain an enjoyable and creative environment.

Today's creative marketing is data-driven. Creative leaders with the ability to identify and execute multiple strategies through data-centric perspectives are the winners.

In some cases, your CMO Certification can be reimbursed to your employer and we'll show you resources to leverage for possible reimbursement.

This CMO program is designed to help marketing team
professionals become more effective leaders.

Learn what marketing analytics matter most to a CMO

It teaches you to think and execute like an executive marketer or Chief Marketing Officer and is comprehensive in scope.

The Left Brain | Right Brain CMO walks you through real-life examples market leaders face on a daily basis, including:
• How to leverage data and behavioral marketing
• How to budget and advocate for marketing investments
• How to communicate with executive leaders to gain marketing advocacy
• How to develop creative strategies with key performance indicators and more...

Students will gain an understanding of the strategic mindset of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). You will learn how to use those insights to create effective marketing plans. With this program, your marketing leadership skills will accelerate and elevate you to amazing career success.

Great for product marketers, brand marketers, creative marketers, and data analysts.

Learn how to become a CMO

In our approach, we'll navigate you through 12 steps of left and right brain thinking as it applies to marketing. We'll teach you how to properly identify the challenges and opportunities that exist in your data.

We'll show you how to be a better creative marketer by enabling the data to guide some of your creative direction. A key part of our program is helping you learn to better communicate your ideas and results to executives.  his includes improving your marketing leadership.

Adopt our Left Brain | Right Brain CMO methodology and you will gain more than a valuable team member role. You will have the opportunity to be a marketing team leader, and be recognized and appreciated for your insights and results through your leadership.

The Left Brain | Right Brain CMO balances data and creative marketing

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