The YOU Factor of Website Sales

Website Sales begin with you. Don’t point fingers at others.

Figuring out ways to increase your website sales is often blurred by trends and buzzwords. The latest update by Google, the newest social media trend. It all gets rolled up in a ball that we can easily use to point at for blame when things aren’t going the way we want them to.

Sure, there are plenty of factors that can be the cause of challenges. But the biggest challenge you need to overcome is the YOU Factor.

YX – Your Expectations towards your website: As Henry Ford said “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t…you’re right”. Just like anything in life and business, your attitude towards a challenge can be the difference between success and failure.

You need to clarify what your expectations are first. Expectations as you know can vary from one mind to another. Two people can look at the same piece of information and come to a different conclusion. Expectations aren’t the same as needs. If you need something to happen, really need it, you will typically focus any and all attention to ensuring that need happens (to the best of your ability). Expectations however, can be very grey. You want more leads. You want more sales. Okay, yes, but how you should get them? How do you need to get them? That is the game-changing decision that can make the difference. If you need your website to drive more leads, then it helps you take a better look at the next You factor, Your Investment.

YA: Your Investment in your website: Investment doesn’t just mean financial investment, it also means time, your sweat equity. How often do you or someone on your team check your analytics? How much time do you spend combing over your content, your product descriptions, your services, everything your website says? How often do you AB test email marketing or your landing pages?

It’s a hard truth for many business leaders to accept, but websites aren’t simply a build it and they will come. It’s build it and refine it again and again. That’s more of investment in time than many have to spare, or want to do. If you see the value but don’t have the ability to invest time in your website’s performance, you need to look at the final You factor in website sales, Your Abilities.

YA – Your Ability to Develop Website Sales: You are an expert in your industry and unless you do what we do, you didn’t get there by being an E-Commerce or lead generation website firm. That’s not a bad thing and it’s one of the most important things to get over. To assume you as a business owner or leader is sufficient enough to maximize the sales potential of your website by designing, or programming or copywriting everything while you also do your job shows there’s a challenge in your perception of importance for website marketers.

A website developer like Azola Creative doesn’t know your business as well as you do. Doesn’t deal with the exact same challenges you do everyday. However, we do know how to drive more leads and sales through a website because it’s all we think about (professionally). It’s like fixing a car. You may be able to change your oil, maybe your brakes, but it’s doubtful that you’re going to attempt a major repair on your own. So why do you test your abilities on a sales channel that can drive immense growth for your business?

Like everyone, the YOU Factor permeates through challenges everywhere in our lives. We’re all out there trying to learn new things, wanting to better ourselves, and sometimes, not admit our limitations. A website is a sales engine. It’s one of the primary resources for your sales team’s ability to smash their numbers and grow your business. Don’t waste that opportunity by trying to prove something you are, if you’re not.

Your Expectations (YX). Your Investment (YI). Your Abilities (YA). Elevate those ideas and you’ll quickly see what it means to transform your website into a sales engine.