Update your website copyright to 2021

Update Your Website’s Copyright Information

Happy New Year! Don’t forget to update your website’s copyright information.

We hope you’re enjoying your holiday and are resting up for what could be a very busy new year.  Here are a few website housekeeping tips you need to take care of by next week to help your website “dress for the job” as your sales-person.

1.  Update your website copyright to 2021.  This is such a small detail but an important one.  For starters, you need to be sure you’re protecting your intellectual property.  From website design to blogs, to custom tools, be sure you’re protecting all you’ve worked so hard to create.

From a pure user experience, it doesn’t reinforce the quality of your brand to have an out of date copyright front and center on your website.  It lowers the trust level just enough to make someone doubt how active you are if your copyright is from a couple of years ago.

2.  If you don’t have a favicon, get one.  The favicon is the little icon that shows up in the tab next to your URL.  It’s a nice brand touch for your website that makes it easier to identify amongst those 20 tabs you have open at one time. 😄

3. Check your Analytics.  Most, if not all of you leverage Google Analytics amongst other analytics tools. Do a quick review of last year and set some goals.  Maybe it’s an increase in traffic.  Maybe it’s a more healthy distribution of where the traffic is coming from (direct, organic, social, referral).  Create some form of expectation for your website.