What Is a Lead Generation Website and What Does It Do?

Websites can all look the same, in terms of their purpose, to the untrained eye. But those of us who design and build websites for a living know that there are different kinds of sites with different purposes. For example, have you ever heard of a lead generation website? It is a specific type of website designed to do a specific job.

The best way to understand it is to think of your own web surfing experience. Think of a site you visit frequently. Why do you visit it so often? Because it gives you information you want. That website is not designed to turn you into a lead. You are already a lead.

Convincing Visitors to Be Interested

There are three types of visitors to every website: regular visitors, interested visitors, and newbies. Let us look at each one a little more closely:

1. Regular Visitors

Regular visitors are just as their name implies. They visit the site all the time. They know exactly what’s there, how it can benefit them, and so forth. If it’s a site that sells goods and services, they are the most likely to buy.

2. Interested Visitors

Interested visitors tend to be infrequent visitors rather than entirely new. Either way, their visits are motivated by genuine interest in the information being presented. Whether or not they actually take advantage of the information changes from one visit to the next. Your goal is to make these interested visitors regular visitors – i.e., genuine leads.

3. Newbies

Newbies are visitors who land on a website for the very first time. Whether they get there accidentally or through a planned search isn’t as important as keeping them there once they arrive. The more time they spend clicking links and browsing, the more likely they are to become interested visitors.

Turning Visitors into Leads

All of this brings us back to the lead generation website. The primary purpose of such a website is to transform newbies and interested visitors into qualified leads. You do that by giving them reasons to be keenly interested in what you have to offer.

A newbie may have no interest in your organization or what they can possibly glean from it. But a good lead generation website gives you a shot at changing that. Obviously, not every website visitor is going to become a lead. But at least a lead generation website gives you the opportunity to create as many leads as you can.

As for interested visitors, the goal is to solidify their casual interest. It is to bring them closer to becoming regular visitors who value your website and the information at offers. You utilize lead generation strategies to transform casual interest into strong interest.

It is All About Engagement

A competent website design company has multiple strategies for creating lead generation websites. There isn’t just one way to do it. However, all successful lead generation websites do one thing very well: engage.

Transforming casual interest into a genuine lead is all about engagement. It is about getting a visitor’s attention, keeping that attention, and then giving that person something to hang their proverbial hat on. Offer useful information presented in the right way and a visitor will want more. Now that person is a genuine lead.

Here at Azola Creative, lead generation services are something we offer alongside ecommerce marketing, web design, and brand promotion. If your website isn’t generating the kinds of leads you have been hoping for, let’s talk about it. Partner with Azola and we can help you change things.