Website Sales Conversions: Coffee is for Conversions

How to find the point-of-failure in your lack of website sales conversions.

PUT THE COFFEE DOWN!  If you remember the powerful scene of Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin delivers a blistering attack on the a small sales team he intends to transform into a high performing sales team.  As he mentions in the scene, there’s a stack of great leads that he refuses to give to this sales team because they would waste them.

Your website might be similar to this old beaten down sales team.  Everyone wants to market their website more, or better.  They want to redesign their website, because they think it’s the only reason they’re not getting more leads.

Redesigning your website to be a sales engine is definitely something to focus on. But, it’s not just the design. You can put a person with no sales skills in the most expensive suit you can find. Place them in the middle of a crowd and it still doesn’t mean they’ll close any sales. Or, you can put someone in a T-shirt and jeans and possibly clean house with their ability to engage and persuade the room.

The last thing you want to do is to throw bad money or bad marketing at a website that can’t convert. Before you start any website design project, you need to first understand what’s not working right with your current website.

There are various ways you can identify the point-of-failure for your website sales conversions.

START WITH YOUR WEBSITE DATA: Hopefully, and most likely, you have some form of analytics on your website. It could be Google Analytics or it may just be the basic analytics your web. host provides. Regardless, you should start with looking at your traffic. If you have hundreds to thousands of visitors on your website and no conversions – start with why? It could be the traffic are bots, or it could be that your website design, navigation are getting in the way of you converting any of those leads.

Conversely, if you have very little traffic, you should look at why that is. Do you have an SEO strategy in place? Does your website load properly? Maybe, you don’t market your website at all. If you don’t have enough traffic to tell a story, you need to build that up.

BE SURE YOUR WEBSITE IS ASKING FOR THE SALE: The worst salesperson on Earth is the one that never asks for the sale. In order for you to have a website sales engine, you need to be sure that the website is asking for people to take some form of action. Maybe it’s learning more. Maybe it’s signing up for an email list. Whatever it is, it better be happening. Don’t let that CTA (call-to-action) just blend in with everything else. It needs to pop to get your user’s attention.

LOOK AT HOW YOUR WEBSITE TALKS TO PEOPLE: Your website, for all its design and technology is an extension of your sales team. Your website should have a voice of your brand. It should feel more human than robot. With SEO strategies, this can sometimes be lost by poor copywriters. But, you need to write for humans and optimize it for search engines. Your website should be warm and make sense to the user. Otherwise, they’re going to move on pretty quickly without giving your business a real chance.

It might feel frustrating but figuring out why your website doesn’t convert more. Don’t get caught up on the frustration. If you humanize your website and think of it as a sales person, it becomes a lot easier to find the reasons why it’s not working as a sales engine.

We talk about this subject quite often. To help our customers re-shape the way they think about their website as a sales engine, we developed 10 interview questions to ask your website. You can download this PDF and get started on your own. Of course, if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us. Just click here>