Does Your Product Marketing Smell Like Teen Spirit?

Keeping your product marketing simple in messaging can change your sales impact seemingly overnight, regardless of its MVP specs.

I grew up in an interesting time in music.  I was playing in a band that was playing heavy metal/hard rock at clubs.  Bands were outdoing themselves in how complicated they could make a song.  Guitar solos needed to shred through the song (in what became very predictable) and big hair, big production value was all the rage.

Who could have predicted that what would cut through all the double-bass drums, ear-piecing feedback guitar solos and gobs and gobs of big hair would be a simple little three piece band playing four sloppy chords on the guitar.

Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” cut through all of that noise and sparked a change in the way we wrote and listened to rock music (or grunge as it was dubbed) for over a decade.

When you think about how you develop your products, are you “stuck in the 80’s” or are you simplifying what you offer down to something as simple as Teen Spirit?

Sometimes, there’s something you’re doing that you take for granted but is actually what your core value really is.  It’s so simple, it could slice through your competitors and change the dynamic of your business.

This week, think about what the small and simple things are that you do.  Instead of building the next shiny complicated object, could you do more of that special thing?  Is it something that if you offered it as a product or service, it could niche you enough to be more successful and fulfilled if you focused more on the product marketing message?

What songs have taught you to think differently about business or life? Comment below.